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Easy to Use Address Book Software

Easy to Use
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EZ Home and Office Address Book v8.0 $29.95
Easy to Use Address Book Software for Home and Office

Simple to use yet powerful enough for thousands of small businesses!

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3 Address Book Formats and Phone Book
Birthday and Anniversary Reminders
Print Name and Address Labels

Avery 8160 Label

Unlimited Names, Categories, Databases
Import Data (including from Parsons)

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EZ Home and Office Address Book Plus

EZ Home and Office is easy to use address book software for home and business. Any number of names can be added and adding a name is simple and straightforward. Any number of addresses can be added to a name. The city and state are automatically filled in when a zip is entered and phone numbers are auto formatted. Pictures can be added to the address book and viewed in the picture gallery. There are three different printable address books including a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" address book. A phone book can also be printed. Name and address labels can be printed using many common label forms. Pictures and clip art can be added to all labels. You can also print on envelopes. There are birthday and anniversary reminders when the program starts, a printable report, and a birthday and anniversary calendar. There's a Christmas function to easily select names for labels, envelopes, and email lists. Other functions include daily reminders, a reminder calendar, Google and MapQuest address mapping, a recipe organizer with pictures, a budget maker, and saving sensitive information in an encrypted lockbox. You can even customize the program to only show the features you want. More than one database can be added so you can have one for home and one for business. Names and addresses can be imported from any program, including Parsons, which can export to a CSV (comma separated values), comma delimited, or tab delimited file. You can install EZ on up to 3 of your computers.

Address Book on iPhone All printable reports can be exported. There are many export formats including the Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF). We recommend the PDF format. If you install Dropbox (Free up to 2 GB) on your computers and smart devices (iPhone, iPad, Kindle, NOOK, etc.), you can export a PDF EZ Address Book Report to your Dropbox folder and names, addresses, and phone numbers will immediately be available to your other computers and smart devices.

Orders are shipped the same day received or the following business day.
The Full Version is immediately available for download after ordering.

"Excellent software, I am so glad to have found this product, written by the same man who is available to answer questions. I wish there were more products available with personal knowledgeable support. It works very well for my small business - both for maintaining a data base of customers and for generating labels. Highly recommended!" - Edith G, AZ 01/30/14 Amazon

"Clean, quick & powerful - A great value! In search of a program to manage membership address lists and mailing label printing for our church and for a local non-profit, this fits the bill perfectly - Installing it and taking for a 'test drive,' I am blown away at how easy it is to pick up and how many other capabilities it has beyond my intended use. I am more than satisfied with the purchase and am tickled that there are so many other ways (unanticipated when I bought it) that it will be of use. When a product comes with a note from its creator inviting you to call with him if you have any questions, you know there's real interest in having have happy customers. What a really neat product!" - Peter S, MA 01/01/14 Amazon

"The best address book program ever!!! It does exactly what I was looking for in an address book. Thank you for a great product!!!" - Krista W, NY 12/30/13

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EZ Home and Office Address Book Software    (Easy to Add Pictures • Set Your Own Screen Colors)

EZ Address Book Software Main Screen

Click on a Feature for More Information
EZ Address Book   Phone Book   Birthdays and Anniversaries   Print Name and Address Labels  
Picture Gallery   Reminders   Encrypted Lockbox   Email Lists   Budgets   Recipe Organizer   Lists  

Print Colorful Labels with Clip Art and Pictures
It's easy to print labels like the ones below. Sample graphics are included with EZ!

The EZ Address Book Software Prints Colorful Labels

EZ makes it simple to print labels for Christmas, holidays, special occasions, bills, or anything else. Clip art and pictures can be added to any label. A return address can be added to some of the larger labels and to envelopes. Labels can be sorted by name or zip/postal. Labels that have already been used on the label sheet can be skipped. You can select the following labels and envelopes to display and print:

       Avery 8160, 5160 Label (30/Sheet) 1" x 2-5/8"
       Avery 8161, 5161 Label (20/Sheet) 1" x 4"
       Avery 8162, 5162 Label (14/Sheet) 1-1/3" x 4"
       Avery 8163, 5163 Label (10/Sheet) 2" x 4"
       Avery 8164, 5164 Label (6/Sheet) 3-1/3" x 4"
       Avery 8167, 5167 Label (80/Sheet) 1/2" x 1-3/4" Return Address Labels
       Avery 8195, 5195 Label (60/Sheet) 2/3" x 1-3/4" Return Address Labels
       Size 10 Envelope (4-1/8" x 9-1/2")
       Size 6 3/4 Envelope (3-5/8" x 6-1/2")

Other label forms will work if they match the label dimensions and layout of the label sheets.

Sample clipart and pictures are included with EZ including Christmas trees!

Birthday and Anniversary Reminders

Birthday Reminders for our EZ Home and Office Address Book Software

When the program starts, the Birthday and Anniversary Reminders Screen is displayed if any birthdays or anniversaries are within the Day Range set in Options. If the Day Range set in Options is zero, the reminders screen will not be displayed. Click 'Calendar' to display the Birthday and Anniversary Calendar, click 'Printable Rpt' to display the Birthdays and Anniversaries printable report, or click 'Label' to print a label for the selected name. Click on an email address to start an email.

Birthday and Anniversary Calendar

Birthday and Anniversary Calendar

Select Features

Select Address Book Features

Removing unwanted features can simplify the program.

FREE Personal Support for EZ Home and Office Address Book Software Plus

Email us at Support@ElwoodSoftware.com with your questions and concerns. Many of the changes to the program are made from customer suggestions so feel free to contact us.

If you prefer phone support, email a phone number and time to call.

EZ Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (including Windows 64 bit).

Customer Upgrade Policy

When you see a newer version on this website, email us and we'll email you a FREE Download Link.

Three Address Book Formats • Print Colorful Labels • Birthday Reminders • FREE Upgrades • and More!

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